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What to Consider When Buying

What to Consider When Buying Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes?

What to Consider When Buying Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes?

What to Consider When Buying

What to Consider When Buying Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes?. Buying a pair of designer shoes sometimes can be a little bit confusing. There are many designer shoes with their own signatures and characteristics out there. One of the most popular designer shoes is Giuseppe Zanotti. The brand name is derived from its designer and founder name, Giuseppe Zanotti. Giuseppe Zanotti is one of the most popular yet prestigious shoe brands. The shoes are crafted in detail makes them stylish and modern. The shoes serve you a perfect piece to conversion from office to casuals. With a wide range of fabrics, colors, and styles, the Giuseppe Zanotti design gives you functionality and style. Whether you are looking for suede or leather shoes, Giuseppe Zanotti has it all.

The brand was firstly founded in 1994 as Giuseppe Zanotti created his own shoe brand based on his taste of style. The first shoe design was inspired by music and art, with a dedication to bringing traditional manufacturing skills into the future.

Follow these useful buying guides that allow you to narrow down the shoe style that fit you the best along with the size you would go for.

Sizing Guide

Are you unsure of your shoe size? Don’t worry as Giseppe Zanotti uses the same sizing as European and US. All shoes from the brand are normally true to size. For example, if you’re a US men’s size 9, or a UK 8, you should buy Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers in a 42. Unlike other luxury shoe brands, Giuseppe Zanotti’s design offers in half size up until 45. Nonetheless, just take into account that it is very uncommon to find a size 44.5 however they’re certainly out there.

How to Recognize Fake Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers?

Buying branded footwear sometimes can be pride. But what if you buy a fake one? How to spot fake Giuseppe Zanotti shoes? The first thing you have to see is the print quality. You can easily check the quality of the print on the retail box that your shoes came in. The original brand tells label, product information (country of manufacture, color, size, style number, and name), and also a care card. The logo is embossed in silver with instructions inside. The next thing you have to notice is the insole. The original one features the brand name with the font evenly aligned and spaced while the outsole features the Giuseppe Zanotti signature logo.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes?

All footwears released by Giuseppe Zanotti are made of elusive materials. Hence, it’s normal that they wear-down with usage. This isn’t a manufacturing imperfection, but an absolutely natural process. The platinum, silver, and also gold colors on the soles are done through an intricate laminating procedure. These laminates will gradually wear down due to normal use and widely considered as the product’s characteristic, not an imperfection.

All Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are craftily made with a strong rubber sole along with a stretchy structure which makes them very comfy for your daily wear. All models have distinctive designs, making them chic with rich details. The shoe’s materials are also precious, making it an elegant choice for your formal or casual wear.

5 Healthier and Better Ways

5 Healthier and Better Ways to Wear Heels

5 Healthier and Better Ways to Wear Heels

5 Healthier and Better Ways

5 Healthier and Better Ways to Wear Heels. For some people, wearing high heels can boost confidence. Even though it gives fantastic look, but high heels probably are not the healthiest and most comfortable footwear. Wearing high heels for a long period can affect the health especially the knees, spine, hips, and muscles. Pointed heels may put excessive pressure on your knees and back. You can imagine what kind of health problems will occur due to the longer term of wearing heels.

Even though the continuous wearing of heels is not healthy, but for some women wearing heels is unavoidable. If that is the case, here are some healthier and better ways to wear heels.

Invest in Good Shoes

Expensive heels such as Giuseppe Zanotti indeed provide a high quality of heels. But you do not need to buy the expensive one but simply invest in good heels. Choose heels made of better material such as more padding to provide better support. Good quality heels should be able to follow the contour of the feet perfectly. You can also choose heels with better construction, so it gives better weight distribution.

Keep it Less Than 3 Inches

If wearing heels is unavoidable such as for work or a certain formal occasion, you can choose heels less than 3 inches. Higher heels usually put more pressure on your foot and more difficult to wear with. Keep the heels less than 3 inches helps you compromise while still put health as a priority.

Choose the Right Size

Heels should be in the right size. There is no need to buy a bigger or smaller size of the heel because it affects your health. The smaller size of heels may put more pressure than your feet already have. It causes discomfort and injuries such as blisters and cramping. On the other hand, wearing bigger size heels will likely make your trip. Even though they may be your favorite pair, but leave it if the heels are not in your usual size.

The Chunkier The Better

Tall and pointy heels sure make you look sexier and confident. But if possible choose chunky heels such as the wedge, mary jane pump, cone heels, and block heels. Chunky heels provide more support than stiletto and other pointy heels because it has more surfaces. For extra comfort, you can choose chunky heels made of softer material such as cork. Avoid choosing chunky heels made of wood and other hard materials because it puts pressure on the foot.  For extra support, you can also choose heels with straps to help stabilize the ankle and avoid unnecessary ankle injuries.

Practice Better Posture

Walking in heels is surely different from walking in sneakers. You need to always practice better posture to keep the back straight. Without enough practice, wearing heels can be a nightmare because it can cause serious foot injuries. Regular exercise is also important to strengthen the feet. Before wearing heels, make sure to do some simple stretching to relax and strengthen the muscles. After wearing heels, do not forget to massage your feet to relieve tension.