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5 Healthier and Better Ways

5 Healthier and Better Ways to Wear Heels

5 Healthier and Better Ways to Wear Heels

5 Healthier and Better Ways

5 Healthier and Better Ways to Wear Heels. For some people, wearing high heels can boost confidence. Even though it gives fantastic look, but high heels probably are not the healthiest and most comfortable footwear. Wearing high heels for a long period can affect the health especially the knees, spine, hips, and muscles. Pointed heels may put excessive pressure on your knees and back. You can imagine what kind of health problems will occur due to the longer term of wearing heels.

Even though the continuous wearing of heels is not healthy, but for some women wearing heels is unavoidable. If that is the case, here are some healthier and better ways to wear heels.

Invest in Good Shoes

Expensive heels such as Giuseppe Zanotti indeed provide a high quality of heels. But you do not need to buy the expensive one but simply invest in good heels. Choose heels made of better material such as more padding to provide better support. Good quality heels should be able to follow the contour of the feet perfectly. You can also choose heels with better construction, so it gives better weight distribution.

Keep it Less Than 3 Inches

If wearing heels is unavoidable such as for work or a certain formal occasion, you can choose heels less than 3 inches. Higher heels usually put more pressure on your foot and more difficult to wear with. Keep the heels less than 3 inches helps you compromise while still put health as a priority.

Choose the Right Size

Heels should be in the right size. There is no need to buy a bigger or smaller size of the heel because it affects your health. The smaller size of heels may put more pressure than your feet already have. It causes discomfort and injuries such as blisters and cramping. On the other hand, wearing bigger size heels will likely make your trip. Even though they may be your favorite pair, but leave it if the heels are not in your usual size.

The Chunkier The Better

Tall and pointy heels sure make you look sexier and confident. But if possible choose chunky heels such as the wedge, mary jane pump, cone heels, and block heels. Chunky heels provide more support than stiletto and other pointy heels because it has more surfaces. For extra comfort, you can choose chunky heels made of softer material such as cork. Avoid choosing chunky heels made of wood and other hard materials because it puts pressure on the foot.  For extra support, you can also choose heels with straps to help stabilize the ankle and avoid unnecessary ankle injuries.

Practice Better Posture

Walking in heels is surely different from walking in sneakers. You need to always practice better posture to keep the back straight. Without enough practice, wearing heels can be a nightmare because it can cause serious foot injuries. Regular exercise is also important to strengthen the feet. Before wearing heels, make sure to do some simple stretching to relax and strengthen the muscles. After wearing heels, do not forget to massage your feet to relieve tension.

Pull Off a Good Look

Pull Off a Good Look of Wearing Suit Jacket with These Basic Rules

Pull Off a Good Look of Wearing Suit Jacket with These Basic Rules

Pull Off a Good Look of Wearing Suit Jacket with These Basic Rules. A suit jacket is a staple fashion item that every man should have. It is the kind of wardrobe that will instantly make you feel and look better. Even though you do not normally wear a suit jacket on an everyday basis but there will always be an occasion that requires you to wear it such as job interviews, weddings, and other dadu online events. Pulling off a good look when wearing a suit jacket is not something hard, but it can be a little bit tricky. Here are some basic rules for wearing suit jackets perfectly.

Pick the Right Suit Jacket

The right suit jacket will work with any style that you choose. Even if you are going to pair a suit jacket with jeans, you need to pick the right suit jacket. Many types of suit jackets are available. This includes choosing the colors, patterns, and also fabric materials. You can experiment with different patterns and colors of the suit jacket to get the one that perfectly fits you.  Another thing to consider is to choose the right size. The suit jacket should perfectly fit with your body, so consider getting a personally tailored suit jacket for the right size.

Consider Occasion

The rule of thumb of wearing a suit jacket is that one has to dress according to the occasion. Avoid pairing a suit jacket with jeans if you are attending formal occasions such as business meetings, job interviews, and the like. Fail to match the suit jacket with the occasion will make you look weird. Thus, always make sure to know the dress code before picking the suit jacket.

Choose the Right Fabric

Suit jackets are made from different types of fabrics to match the season. During summer or hot weather, you can choose a suit jacket made from linen and cotton. Meanwhile, for winter or colder season, choose a thicker suit jacket such as wool or tweed. Make sure that the suit jacket you are wearing does not show any sign of shivering or sweat patches. Thus consider the suit jacket fabrics and the weather before going out for the occasion.

Invest in a Good Suit Jacket

There are lots of affordable suit jackets or the one that is sold on sale. However, it is important to consider investing in a good suit jacket that perfectly fits you. Consider splurging on a suit jacket that you can wear on any occasion. You can even request a tailored suit jacket to get one that perfectly fits your size. However, if you want to experiment with different patterns and colors, you can fill your wardrobe with a mix of pricy suit jackets such as Giuseppe Zanotti and inexpensive suit jacket.

Choose the Right Footwear

When it comes to wearing a suit jacket, you also need to consider the right footwear. The suit jacket goes well with dress shoes for a formal occasion. You can also wear other types of footwear such as sneakers but with cautions. Fail to match the suit jacket with the right footwear will ruin the overall look.